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Ghosts for Sale
[WYG 006]

Ghosts for Sale

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Designer: Acchittocca
Publisher: What's Your Game?
Players: 3 - 5 Players
Time: 40 Minutes
Age: 8 and Up

Some eccentric characters compete in an auction for castles and manors. This, in the hope that presences will not be too numerous! Even if a castle without ghosts may be found useless, on the other hand one which is too "populated" will end up terrorizing tourists and being valueless as well.

Ghost For Sale is a clever deductive game, with a subtle bluffing component, for 3 to 5 players, suitable for families, but with a strategy component that will not leave even the most experienced gamers unsatisfied. In the box there are 8 "special auctions" cards, which - randomly combined with the various castles and manors - guarantee rounds that are always exciting and different.