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Playing Gods
[BOE 001]

Playing Gods

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Designer: Balls Out Entertainment
Publisher: Balls Out Entertainment
Players: 2 - 5 Players
Time: 90 Minutes
Age: 10 and Up

Tornadoes! Tsunamis! Plagues! Natural disasters... or signs of the gods' wrath?

Whether wreaking disasters of biblical proportions on innocent populations or bestowing providence and goodwill, the gods have ever made sport of humans. From Cthulu and Zeus, to the Cult of Oprah and The Almighty Dollar, players compete as all-powerful deities seeking to take over the world and force everyone on Earth to worship them!

Gain converts by promising them Afterlife, Prosperity, and Miracles, or kill off other gods' followers with plagues, locusts, avalanches, floods, and other natural disasters. The god with the best strategy, skill, and luck shall rule the world!