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Alhambra: Califs Treasure Chamber Exp
[RGG 056]

Alhambra: Califs Treasure Chamber Exp

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Designer: Dirk Henn
Publisher: Queen Games, Rio Grande Games
Players: 2 - 6 Players
Time: 60 Minutes
Age: 8 and Up

The fourth Expansion to "Alhambra"

Together with the three other extensions, you now have a choice of 16 different modules.The new modules are:The Treasure Chamber _ contains treasures which, used in the right way, can gain you additional points.The Master Builders Cards _ make it easier to alter your Alhambra or replenish your reserves of money.The Attackers _ attack the palace. If it is unprotected, without walls, victory points are deducted.The Bazaars _ correctly positioned, they can gain you additional victory points. But unfortunatly only in the last scouring round.