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SuDoku Card Game
[ZMG 4035]

SuDoku Card Game

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Designer: Reiner Knizia
Publisher: Z-Man Games
Players: 2 - 5 Players
Time: 30 Minutes
Age: 8 and Up

Here's a fun way for families and friends to share in playing the cult hit puzzle called, Sudoku. The object of Sudoku is to have each column, row, and box grid contain different numbers.

But there's a twist in SuDoku: The Card Game. The object here is to have the least amount of points in your penalty stack while forming a Sudoku puzzle. Your penalty stack comes from not being able to (or be unwilling to) play cards correctly.

Yellow cards form the boxes (and are worth 2 points in your penalty stack) and blue cards surround the yellow cards (and are worth 1 point in your penalty stack).

Games are short and you'll be able to play many games during the evening - and each game is different!