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Quarriors! : Quest of the Qladiator
[WZK 70833]

Quarriors! : Quest of the Qladiator

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Designer: Mike Elliott, Eric M. Lang
Publisher: WizKids
Players: 2 - 4 Players
Time: 30 Minutes
Age: 14 and Up

In Quarriors! Quest of the Qladiator, the third expansion for Quarriors!, you have been selected to compete in the Qladitorial Games! Quadrennially, Empress Quiana calls together the mightiest Quarriors across the land to compete in the great Quolosseum. Will you defeat all other competitors for the greatest Glory?

Quarriors! Quest of the Qladiator adds forty new custom dice powering six new creatures and two new spells, in addition to a new "Lock" mechanism that allows some creatures to have long-lasting game effects.