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Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I'm in!
[SFG 010]

Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I

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Published By:Slugfest Games
No. of Players: 2-8 players
Playing Time: 5 Minutes
Suggested Ages: 12 and Up

The Red Dragon Inn: Gambling I'm In! is a game about the games that the heroes play when they gamble at the Red Dragon Inn. Now, players of The Red Dragon Inn, The Red Dragon Inn 2, and Red Dragon Inn 3 can play out an actual round of gambling when they play the "Gambling? I'm In!" card! Even better, the gambling games also can be played on their own as standalone games, or as part of your RPG, or LARP. The game will come with a 93 card Rogues and Warriors Deck, a bunch of 6 sided dice, coin tokens, debt and loan tokens and rules for at least 7 games! Some of the games use dice. Some of the games use cards from the Rogues and Warriors Deck, and some of the games use dice and cards.