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Wealth of Nations: Super Industry Tiles
[TSL 0412]

Wealth of Nations: Super Industry Tiles

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Designer: Peter Hansell
Publisher: Tablestar Games
Players: 2-6 Players
Time: 120 Minutes
Age: 13 and Up

Every nation has to innovate to compete. Be that nation with these new Super Industry Tiles.The second official expansion to Wealth of Nations. The Super Industry Tiles allow you to play in new and creative ways. This mini-expansion contains the Super Industry Tiles rules and 3 new tiles including:

Integrated Economy Tile - This tile is combines farms and generators together on one tile. It allows for new side by side development of these blocs.

Financial Center Tile - The new center of a mega bank bloc that allows for 5 bank tiles to be played together. This completed mega Bank bloc can produce $180 per turn!

War Economy Tile - The clouds of war demand additional Energy and Labor and the War Economy Tile allows you to produce more of both. It combines academies and generators together on one tile.