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Designer: Didier Dhorbait
Publisher: Ferti
Players: 2 Players
Time: 15 Minutes
Age: 9 and Up

We are in the realm of Siam which once upon a time was heaven on earth, a vast country where elephants and rhinoceroses had been living in peace for centuries. Once, the earth started to shake and Siam was reduced to three regions surrounded by gigantic mountains. Since then, elephants and rhinoceroses don't have enough space to live. These two incredibly strong species shall now struggle mercilessly to rule over two territories.

To win the game, be the first player to push a rock out of the board. An animal can push a rock - but beware, if you want to push out an animal which faces you, you have to be superior in numbers, e.g. you will need 2 animals to push 1 out, 3 to push 2 out, etc.

The simplicity of Siam's rules and the profoundness of its gameplay will please the players of all strengths and ages.