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Daily Dutch Deal 66 - A La Carte Bundle
[BGL DDD0066]

Daily Dutch Deal 66 - A La Carte Bundle

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Condition: Brand New in Shrink Wrap

Note : This is a bundle containing the base game of A La Carte, and the expansion A La Carte Dessert

Designer: Karl-Heinz Schmiel
Publisher:Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Players: 3-4 Players
Time:30 Minutes
Age: 6 and Up

In one of his sillier games, Karl-Heinz Schmiel casts the players as semi-psychotic cooks attempting to hone their culinary skills. Each player receives a miniature pan and a hotplate. Then each turn you can either attempt to turn up the heat, season your dish, or attempt to steal another cooks recipe in the making. Heating your hotplate is a random affair with a die, and could raise the heat on everyones plate. Spicing the dish is heart of the game and done by up-ending small bottles filled with little colored wood pellets. When the pellets tumble out of the bottle (sometimes, if they do), the number of pellets cannot exceed two, because over-spicing the dish ruins it and then you must be feed it to the pigs!

Note: this game contains german rules. An English translation can be found however in the link below.

Designer: Karl-Heinz Schmiel
Publisher:Fantasy Flight Games
Players: 3-5 Players
Time: 30 Minutes
Age:6 and Up

An expansion for A la carte that introduces new gourmet desserts for avid gamers including Spice Dice, Salty Dogs or the fiery Pomitos Frititos.

This expansion contains 4 mini expansions for A la carte and the components necessary to add a fifth player.

Before the game starts each player receives 3 menus and chooses one. He does not let the other players know which menus he/she has. If a player successfully prepares the dishes on the menu, at the end of the game he/she receive extra victory points. Otherwise he/she gets no extra points. For some of the menus the player also needs at least one star.

-New Coffee Cups
Two new coffee cups are added to the game

- Trash can
Instead of choosing a dish from the table, a player can choose a dish from the trash can and place the dish in his/her pan.

- Flavor neutralizer
The player chooses a spice (even salt) from his/her pan and removes it from the game.

-Salt Dishes
There are 5 different salt dishes. The salt dishes are placed along the other dishes. The dishes are cooked as normal, only salt is needed.

-Spice Mixing
This is a new spice bottle that has 5 grains of each of the 4 different spices inside (for a total of 20). There is no salt in this bottle. A player can choose this bottle to add spices to his/her dish.