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Claustrophobia : Furor Sanguinis

Claustrophobia : Furor Sanguinis

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Designer: Croc
Publisher: Asmodee Editions
Players: 2 - 3 Players

Neither human nor demon, the squamata Kartikeya haunts the corridors beneath New Jerusalem, like all lost souls a prisoner there. Marked by Hell, Kartikeya bears within it the bittersweet rage of those who have no side, no caste.

Claustrophobia: Furor Sanguinis is an expansion for Claustrophobia that introduces a three-player variant in which a player controls the squamata warrior Kartikeya. Components include one painted miniature, three new room tiles, a squamata board, one sheet of tokens, and five squamata dice as well as six new scenarios.

Please note that the Claustrophobia base game is required to play this game.