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Eclipse : Ship Pack One

Eclipse : Ship Pack One

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Designer: Touko Tahkokallio
Publisher: Asmodee
Players: 2-6 Players
Time: 120 Minutes
Age: 12 and Up

New discoveries await you in this exciting expansion for the award-winning Eclipse, with powerful new technology, ancient alien vessels, and two new species. Try the new turn order variant, explore the new outer sector, and win power for your faction through judicious use of the security council.

Best of all, the Eclipse Ship Pack One includes 108 new plastic models, enough for every player to have different ships on the board! With so much to add to the base game, players will find all new reasons to take to the stars.

Eclipse: Ship Pack One includes six unique sets of plastic ship models Interceptors, Cruisers, Dreadnoughts and Starbases for the alien species in the Eclipse base game, a Terran/Magellan player board, and some other new components.