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GIPF Project : Set 3
[RIO 263]

GIPF Project : Set 3

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This includes three expansions for GIPF.

6 YINSH-potentials for each player
6 PÜNCT-potentials for each player
3 extra basic pieces for each player

The YINSH-potential can slide off its piece, any number of empty spots, for sneaky deployment. The PÜNCT-potential can land atop certain other pieces (different ones than the DVONN-potential), changing their color, or possibly introducing more GIPF-pieces mid-game!

GIPF Set 3 contains 6 white and 6 black YINSH-potentials, 6 white and 6 black PÜNCT-potentials, and 3 white and 3 black extra basic pieces to play "Ultimate GIPF". For the very brave amongst players: that is GIPF with 21 basic pieces and all 5 different kinds of potentials.

This is probably the last part of Project GIPF - after all those years players can combine all games :)