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Zombie Dice 2 : Double Feature
[SJG 131324]

Zombie Dice 2 : Double Feature

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Designer: Steve Jackson
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Players: 2 - 99 Players
Time: 10 Minutes
Age: 8 and Up

Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature includes three new dice for Zombie Dice and true to its name is two expansions in one package.

The first "movie" on the billing is Big Summer Action Movie with two heroes: the Hunk and the Hottie. The Hunk has a double-shotgun icon, but if you eat his brain, you score double. The Hottie is a hot-pink die with two shotguns and three feet icons, making her fast AND dangerous.

The other offering is Santa Claus Meets the Zombies, with a cheery red-and-white Santa Claus die brimming with brains. The Santa die has three special gift icons: a helmet, an energy drink, and a double brain!

You can also add all three dice to Zombie Dice to see whether Santa can rescue the heroes...