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Fresco - The Glaziers Expansion
[QNG 60801]

Fresco - The Glaziers Expansion

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Designer: Marcel Subelbeck, Marco Ruskowski, Wolfgang Panning
Publisher: Queen Games
Players: 2-4 Players
Time:45 Minutes
Age: 10 and Up

Fresco: The Glaziers Expansion consists of three additional expansions for Fresco! They can be played individually or combined with any or all other expansions for the game. These expansions are:
The Wishing Well Throw a coin into the wishing well and you will receive an extra benefit. You might find a purse in the theatre and receive a reward for its return, or a friendly marketer will present you an extra paint.
The Gold Leaf At some market booths you can receive gold leaf to intensify the shine of your paint. The bishop will be thrilled!
The Glaziers As an additional action, you can buy glass in different colours and build windows in the Cathedral. Even the plain-looking parts of the fresco will appear now in a dazzling light.