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Shake N Take
[OTB 5151]

Shake N Take

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Designer: Keith Meyers
Publisher: Out Of The Box Publishing
Players: 2 - 10 Players
Time: 20 Minutes
Age: 8 and Up

Shake 'n Take is a fast-playing game from Keith Meyers in which players try to capture aliens, but the alien-fighting resources are scarce, so they must compete for them constantly. Those resources, by the way, are an erasable pen and a die; on a player's turn, she rolls the die, then circles any aliens that match the image on the die, which might show a triangle or other such figure. She keeps rolling and circling until the next player in turn order rolls a certain symbol on the die that he has; when he rolls this symbol, he snatches the pen and die from the current player, while the next player grabs the "turn order" die.

With six or more players, two pens are used, so they both circle the table; if a player ends up with two pens, she can circle twice as quickly (while rolling the die with her toes) until they are snatched away!