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About Us

We are small organization who believes in stimulating the mind and encouraging healthy social behaviour through the relatively simple act of getting together and competing against one another for the win!

Our mission!
Our mission is to introduce designer board games, from all over the world into the lives of everyone around us. Through affordability means and convenience we will one day make board games such as Ticket To Ride, Carcassonne and many many more, a household name in Asian society. Just like it is in Europe and in America!

What can I expect from Boardgamelifestyle.com?
We are constantly improving our inventory and if you are looking for a product that is not in our inventory just contact us and we will get it in for you. We do sincerely apologize if what you are looking for is in our inventory but out of stock. Please bear with us whilst we order it in for you. This is how we are able to pass on these huge savings to you, our customers. By holding on to limited stock we reduce cost by not having to pay huge rent to hold all these products. However we do encourage you, our customers, to pre-order from us so that your orders come in with our own replenishment and thus allowing us to pass on greater savings to you. As such our prices are reviewed monthly and you can be sure that our prices will always remain competitive.

The more we save, the more you do too!

Boardgamelifestyle.com is a subsidiary of Rubber Dynamite LLP (Reg: T10LL0680G)